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In the seventh trial, and the seventh victory, for Christopher Banys over just the last 15 months, a San Diego jury awarded Banys, P.C.’s trial team $12.5 million in damages for a breach of contract case against Qualcomm, Inc. a world leader in 3G and next-generation mobile technologies. The jury found that Qualcomm failed to use best efforts to sell its Gen 5.0 chipset for SAI Technology, Inc., a small, Silicon Valley software development company.

“I am so proud to have helped deliver this victory for SAI,” said firm founder and lead trial lawyer Christopher Banys. “Qualcomm fought really hard, but in the end, the jury reached the right decision.” This jury verdict was actually the third trial win for Mr. Banys in the same case, Banys led and won two separate bench trials against Qualcomm. “Qualcomm is huge in San Diego – with its name on a stadium, city streets and local university campuses. So it’s especially rewarding to achieve justice in Qualcomm’s hometown,” said Banys.

The verdict is a reflection of the jury’s fairness as well as Banys, P.C.’s hard work and dedication to their clients and made the Top 50  California Verdicts in 2016.

Post Author: Bambi