The trial lawyers at Banys, P.C. have extensive experience with a wide variety of employment matters.

The Trial Lawyers at Banys, P.C. have extensive experience with a wide variety of employment-law matters. Banys, P.C. serves as lead counsel for hundreds of California employees in class actions and individual cases involving unpaid wages, unpaid benefits, unpaid leave, age, race, gender and other discrimination and intentional misclassification by major corporations. Banys, P.C. also represents local, Bay Area small businesses and start-ups, helping them comply with the law and manage employment-related risks through counseling, employer-employee negotiations, drafting legal instruments and litigation. This broad perspective helps make the Trial Lawyers at Banys, P.C. powerful client advocates.

Examples include:

  • ‘Doe’ v. Oracle: represented a former Vice President of Oracle that Oracle terminated after he became disabled;
  • Rosset et al. v. Hunter Engineering: Representing employees in a class action matter alleging willful misclassification as “independent contractors” by Hunter Engineering;
  • Paton v. AMD: Mr. Banys served as lead trial lawyer for a class of over 1,700 employees against major Silicon Valley employer who wrongfully employees vacation pay by miscategorizing the benefit as “sabbatical” and obtained a $5.4 million settlement for the plaintiff class;
  • Correa, et. al. v. European Waxing Center: Representing a class of employees denied proper pay by European Waxing Center;
  • Representing a model employee who was fired when she became pregnant;
  • Assisting a new venture capital firm in managing the issues surrounding the departure of a senior executive;
  • Representing a local small business negotiating the termination of a problem employee;
  • Representing employees in racial discrimination cases;
  • Representing hundreds of union employees in a dispute against their union and Santa Clara County.

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