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Apple Must Defend Itself in Patent Lawsuit

United States District Court for the Northern District of California ruled earlier this month that Apple Inc cannot avoid defending itself against patent infringement claims made by Banys, P.C. client, FirstFace Co.  The ongoing lawsuit revolves around Apple’s unlicensed use of technology from three of FirtstFace Co’s patents in the ‘home’ button on several Apple devices including […]

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Banys P.C. again fights to protect individual inventors.

The trial lawyers of Banys P.C. are honored to continue to represent Charles C. Freeny III, Bryan E. Freeny and James P. Freeny for whom we previously secured a $9.25 million dollar jury verdict.  The Disney ‘MagicBand’ is a device that Disney World patrons purchase in order to wirelessly gain entry to the park, unlock Disney […]

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Patent Reform: The “Innovation Act” will stifle innovation, hurting inventors, start ups and small businesses

The Congressional Testimony of Mr. Christopher Banys as Submitted November 2013 The Goodlatte “Innovation Act,” while well-intentioned, will bar the courthouse doors to individual inventors and small companies leaving only large PAE’s and Corporations the practical ability to enforce their rights. The Goodlatte “Innovation Act” makes radical and unnecessary changes to the Patent Act that [...]Read More »