Banys, P.C.'s team of experienced and successful trial lawyers is ready to help in complex business and personal litigation matters.


Banys, P.C.’s trial lawyers help start-ups and small companies resolve tough business disputes including breach of contract, fraud, antitrust and trade secret theft.  In addition, Banys, P.C. brings years of experience to intellectual property matters including patent infringement, trademark prosecution and copyright matters.

Banys, P.C.’s trial lawyers help individuals who have suffered severe injury, including life-threatening injuries caused by defective medical devices and pharmaceuticals, dangerous products and other cases of severe injury.


Banys, P.C.’s trial lawyers bring years of courtroom experience to bear to address defective construction in residential and commercial projects. In addition, Banys, P.C. represents whistle blowers who report fraudulent construction schemes in government-funded projects.


Banys, P.C.’s trial lawyers help all workers, from entry-level to high-placed executives recover for wrongful termination, retaliation, whistle blower and other workplace violations. Banys, P.C. takes on complex employment issues, class actions on behalf of workers and helps protect and recover money for workers who seek to report fraud committed by their employers.

Richard C. Lin
Christopher D. Banys
Jennifer L. Gilbert

Experienced in personal injury, commercial, employment, defective products, intellectual property and class action litigation, the team of award winning trial lawyers at Banys, P.C. is dedicated to getting results for its clients.  Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident or by a defective product, wrongfully terminated by your employer or need representation for your business, at Banys, P.C., every client is important and every case is handled with sensitivity and integrity.